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Spy software for android, Gps location tracking


Call Logs

Children’s don’t tell anything to their parents even if sometimes they are bullied or harassed by their cell phones. Trackeveryone is a Spy software that will help you in tracking mobile phones of your children. By installing this app, you will be able to view complete call log history of every incoming and or outgoing calls on your monitored phone. You can also view the phone’s call log history. You can check which calls they made and to whom, which calls they received, which calls they refused and which calls they missed. All call logs are uploaded to your online Trackeveryone control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You can see all call Log details from the control panel at any time you want.

GPS Location Tracking

Do you want to get the real time location of your family or friends? By using Trackeveryone app you can easily view the current GPS location and travel route of your monitored phone on a map. You can also view their location history (Longitude and latitude ). You can View the exact GPS location of the target Android phone at any time on a map shown on the Trackeveryone control panel. Get accurate latitude and longitude readings on the target phone. See the GPS coordinates of where it has been and where they are now. The targeted mobile user can never know that someone secretly is monitoring his or her phone.

SMS Tracking

SMS is still the very best way of communication between people who are far away from each other. Do you want to read the sent and received messages from Trackeveryone is a 100% undetectable spy app for Android phones that allows users to view all details of text messages on control panel. You can get all the details about the received as well as the messages sent from the phone that you are monitoring. You can also check the date and time of the messages. You will be able to view the sms record even if the owner of targeted mobile phone has deleted the messages.

Sim change Notifications

Trackeveryone is a cell phone tracker app that will automatically notify you on your Trackeveryone control panel as soon as the SIM is changed on the Android phone you are tracking. This feature of Trackeveryone app will acknowledge you if your child, spouse or employee is changing her or his sim card. You can check the exact date and time of sim swap. If your phone has been stolen, you can easily monitor your phone if you have installed this app. You will get immediate notifications about sim card change, sms sent and received by your phone, location and call log of your mobile phone. The thief will never know that the owner of phone is tracking his phone.

Internet Browsing History

Android Spyware will automatically notify you on your Trackeveryone control pannel as soon as the SIM is changed on the Android phone being tracked.

Contact Details

Trackeveryone spy app View details of all Contacts in target android smart phones.

User Review

I got My boy friend to cheat with me. I got his sms and call details without knowing him. I know the truth about my cheater boy friend.

- Madhu Sharma.

Best Spy Software

A very good app. Trackeveryone is the smartest spy App for android smartphones which allows you to monitor Text Messages (sms), Call history, Contacts, Internet Browsing history, SIm change notifications remotely. Once installed the App uploads phone's activity to our server. You can then log in to your control panel and view the logged information. It's the simplest and most reliable and affordable remote monitoring solution. You can track any one using android device.

Remotely monitor Text Messages (sms), Call History ,Contacts, Internet Browsing history, SIm change notifications remotely Try it free for 2 days. No credit card required. No obligation.

  • - Very simple and fast to install.
  • - No ads.
  • - No rooting of the device is required.
  • - No hidden cost, Very battery efficient.
  • - Almost no impact on the battery's life.
  • - Option to only use Wi-Fi connection if the target phone does not have a data plan.
  • - Even if the user clears the call history or deletes a text message it is logged and uploaded to your account.
  • - Get sim change notifications when ever user can change sim from android device.
  • - Track GPS location of user, Track users internet browsing history.

Note: Your email will not be visible to other users of the phone. It may take 10-15 minutes before you can see the uploaded data in your control panel.