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Best spy software for android,tracking mobile phones
1) As with all competitors, we do not issue refunds for simply changing your mind. We are giving you one day demo. If application works well in your android smartphone or android device then you can purchase otherwise we are not liable to refund... If application not working well then please do not purchase application. you can check application to download from our website for your device. If its not work for your device then do not purchase it
2. Customer bears the responsibility of installation of software on the target Phone/Computer that needs to be monitored. In the event a purchase is made under the false assumption that physical access is not needed to install the software on the target/monitored Phone/Computer, trackeveryone is not liable to issue any refund. If a customer purchases this software and does not have unrestricted physical access to the phone to be monitored, refunds will not be issued due to this situation. 
3)Trackeveryone services are bought on subscription basis. In the event you choose to subscribe to a trackeveryone service, you will be charged trough Paypal  subscription or other subscription as you choose. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period, depending on the trackeveryone service you choose. You can cancel the auto renewal of the subscription at any time. Once you cancel your subscription, you will be charged again at the end of your current subscription period. All fees and charges are non-refundable and there are no refund or credits for partially used periods. To be clear once you have paid for a subscription, you will not be refunded any charges you paid for that subscription period.
Please be aware that once you enter a new subscription billing cycle, refunds will not be given for that new time period.
Please be aware that once you enter a new subscription billing cycle, refunds will not be given for that new time period. If you wish not to renew, please contact us well in advance of the renewal date so that the account can be de-activated and no new charges will incur. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep records on their subscription periods.
Please be aware that all refunds result in immediate discontinuation of services and support.
All sales are final.
4) A customer chooses (at their own discretion) to upgrade the phone they wish to monitor and the new desired phone to be monitored is running an operating system version that is not supported outlined on this web site’s Compatibility page. 
5) The customer’s underage child / employee upgrades the operating system version on their phone (irrespective to the owner’s wishes) to an operating system version that is not supported outlined on this web site’s Compatibility page. 
6) whenever you test the demo at your device and you found that trackeveryone is running smouthly on your device then only you can purchase.  or after you installation trackeveryone and you upgrade, reset your smartphone then  refund will not be given for any incompatiablity issues.
7)Refunds are not issued if your child or employee performs a complete reset of the device that will, in turn, remove all installed software from the device including this monitoring software. If your child employee performs a device reset, it is your responsibility to gain access to the device to reinstall our software in order to continue to monitor that individual’s activities. Additionally, if your child or employee either claims to have discovered this software and/or has removed the software against your wishes, a refund will not be issued. As stated previously, it is your responsibility to alert your underage child or employee using a company-issued device that you are monitoring their activities. In the event that the target phone has its memory flashed or it is restored to factory settings by the user.
8)The target phone loses internet connection due to any reason (no credit on the phone’s account, service interruption, roaming problems, etc).If a customer refuses to follow the installation and troubleshooting guidelines provided by our technical support team
For the refund policy to apply, you must contact us within 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase of Track Everyone service subscription. If you fail to notify us about any problems within the first 7 days from the date of purchase of your StealthGenie service subscription, the refund policy will not apply.
In order to request a refund, please send an email to our billing dept. at or go to our Customer Support section and create a ticket. We do not accept refund requests through Live Chat. We will normally get back to you with a decision within 1-3 business days.

User Review

I got My boy friend to cheat with me. I got his sms and call details without knowing him. I know the truth about my cheater boy friend.

- Madhu Sharma.

Best Spy Software

A very good app. Trackeveryone is the smartest spy App for android smartphones which allows you to monitor Text Messages (sms), Call history, Contacts, Internet Browsing history, SIm change notifications remotely. Once installed the App uploads phone's activity to our server. You can then log in to your control panel and view the logged information. It's the simplest and most reliable and affordable remote monitoring solution. You can track any one using android device.

Remotely monitor Text Messages (sms), Call History ,Contacts, Internet Browsing history, SIm change notifications remotely Try it free for 2 days. No credit card required. No obligation.

  • - Very simple and fast to install.
  • - No ads.
  • - No rooting of the device is required.
  • - No hidden cost, Very battery efficient.
  • - Almost no impact on the battery's life.
  • - Option to only use Wi-Fi connection if the target phone does not have a data plan.
  • - Even if the user clears the call history or deletes a text message it is logged and uploaded to your account.
  • - Get sim change notifications when ever user can change sim from android device.
  • - Track GPS location of user, Track users internet browsing history.

Note: Your email will not be visible to other users of the phone. It may take 10-15 minutes before you can see the uploaded data in your control panel.