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Android spy app remote installation,remote install spy software

How to install Track Everyone on android

1.Setting page

In this user need to go to settings page and target device must be set to allow the installation of non-Market apps so that before installation user follow this criteria.

2.More option

When user click on Settings option then appear on right side of top option More and click on that so move to next page.

3.Security option

In this page screen apeears Permission tab and user have to select a Security option in this page so that next Security page screen will be display.

4.Unknown Sources

When user go to Security tab there will be appears a Device administration inside given options user need to check mark on Unknown sources tab so that follow the next installation process of application.

5.See Signup page

First page of application there will be appears many options and in the middle of page there will be two button Login/Signup so first time user will have to click on Signup to move forward to next page.

6.See Credential page

When user click on Signup button there will be appears page in which ask fill credential details. After fill all details at the bottom of this page Submit button and user need to click on Submit to complete the signup procedure. .

7.Open Email account

After complete the all signup process user will get receive a Email so that he need to open our Email account. User will have to download attached APK document file to process the installation process of application

8.See intall screen

When user will have to complete a attached APK file there will be appear a mobile screen page and at the bottom of page user need to click on Install so that move forward to next page.

9.See privacy page

In this page display a privacy page screen in which ask do you want to install this application and agree all the terms and click on Next button to move forward to next screen.

10.See Installation status

After completion of all the above procedure of installation appear screen in which show status of installation app is installed. At the bottom of right side user will have to click on Open button so that move to next page screen.

11.See Installation status

After completion of all the above procedure of installation appear screen in which show status of installation app is installed. At the bottom of right side user will have to click on Open button so that move to next page screen.

12.Activate device screen

In this page will show the activate device administration and there will be at the bottom of this page appears a Activate button.User have to click on Activate to move forward next page screen.

13.User licence agreement screen

In this page screen user will get the agreement of User licence agreement and at the bottom of this page apperas two option Accept/Decline. User will have to click on Aceept to complete all the process.

14.Enter Youe Email Address

In this page user need to input Email address and press Done to get all data . Enter password to stop this application in future.

How to uninstall Track Everyone on android

1.Choose security option from settings

To uninstall the app first of all you have go to the settings of your device. Click on the security option on this page.After clicking security,next page will be open.

2.Select the device administrators option

After clicking the security option in settings,you will see the next screen.Here you will find many options regarding the security of your phone.Choose the device administrators option for further uninstallation process.

3.Choose android system

When you click on the device administrators option in your phone,you will see the screen you will see the two options.First is android device management and second is android system.Choose the second one i.e. android system.

4.Select deactivate

After selecting the android system,you will see the next page.Here in the bottom of this page there are two options-cancel and deactivate. Select the deactivate option to uninstall the app.

5.Select from application manager

After clicking on the deactivate option,again go to settings in your phone.Now choose application manager option from there.After choosing the application manager,now select android system to carry out the next step.

6.Select uninstall

This is the second last step of the uninstallation process.After clicking on android system you will see two options under it-Force stop and uninstall.Click on uninstall to install the app from your device.

7.Click on OK

Here is the last step to uninstall the app.When you choose the uninstall option in the previous step,you will see a pop up asking you if you want to uninstall this app and two options will be given cancel and ok.Click on ok and the app will be unistalled from your device.

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Best Spy Software

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  • - Option to only use Wi-Fi connection if the target phone does not have a data plan.
  • - Even if the user clears the call history or deletes a text message it is logged and uploaded to your account.
  • - Get sim change notifications when ever user can change sim from android device.
  • - Track GPS location of user, Track users internet browsing history.

Note: Your email will not be visible to other users of the phone. It may take 10-15 minutes before you can see the uploaded data in your control panel.